Values and Agreements

SisterSpace Values and Agreements

Values and Agreements of the SisterSpace Community

SisterSpace is an inclusive festival of LGBT+ women, non-binary (assigned female at birth) persons,  and their allies in the women’s community
  • Treat everyone with kindness and respect regardless of their age, body, physical ability, gender identity, ethnic background, size, sexual history, etc. 
  • Value all voices and walks of life – amplify the voices of the softspoken without cutting each other off or shouting another person down.
    Ask questions if you are not sure you understand what another sister is trying to communicate.
All self-identified  lesbians, women, and nonbinary (assigned female at birth) members of the women’s community are welcome at SisterSpace.  We welcome participation from women, and nonbinary (AFAB) community members of all ages, abilities, races, ethnicities and spiritual traditions. 
  • Ask for, or gently explain chosen gender pronouns. (As a long-running women’s festival, please expect to encounter a default of “she/her,” especially from elder attendees). Respect a person’s identifying pronouns to the best of your ability. If a mistake is made, correct it without focusing on it.
  • Avoid jokes or comments that could reinforce negative stereotypes about a person’s ethnicity, ability, body, gender identity, language/ accent, age. Refrain from using insulting speech, name calling (including terms like TERF, snowflake, etc.) slurs or insults of any kind (even in jest) .
All bodies are celebrated at SisterSpace, regardless of size, shape, color , ability or modification, Nudity is welcome at the Sexuality Space, but due to recent feedback from campers, we now require genitals and anuses be covered in public areas
  • Nudity is welcome at Sexuality Space, but not in other all-ages spaces. All genitals and anuses must be covered in other public/ all ages places, including the pool (unless for a specific, stated activity). Shoes are also required in the dining hall.
  • Explain body-positive culture to our children if we bring them. We will make sure they understand the human body as natural and beautiful at any size, shape, presentation, color or build or ability.
  • Throw glitter, not shade! Be generous with compliments and avoid deprecating language
  • Redirect any body negative behavior or comments with positivity. Use counteracting phrases like, “you/ they are beautiful, “ etc.
SisterSpace is building a community based upon consent and radical acceptance. The only way to create and maintain a safe, comfortable community space is to radically accept that some folks need time and space to determine and define their desires at their own pace.
  • Treat (only) “yes” as “yes.” If someone says “maybe,” we consider it a “no” to any request.
  • Respect each person’s freedom to choose not to participate in an activity or answer questions.
  • Assume photography is not allowed unless everyone in the picture gives explicit consent.
  • Keep adult-specific activity (exposed genitals, explicit sexual speech, public restraint, graphic conversations) private or in the Sexuality Space.
Public spaces must remain child friendly because some campers are children. Shared spaces, like cabins, require accommodations and preparations for cabin campers who will be sharing facilities.
  • Ask permission of cabin mates before engaging in sexual activity or any loud, potentially disruptive activity
  • For light sleepers, bring ear plugs and request a quiet cabin. For everyone, expect and respect reasonable requests made of us by our cabin mates and those camping near you.
This space is made up of a wide range of people with different interests and passions. Get to know each other! Take advantage of workshops and performances. 
  • Be curious. Ask questions and make a friend. Be present.
  • Talk it out. Address conflicts with open conversation, with a mediator if necessary.
  • Participate and give feedback on what we would like to see and do.

We thank you for interest in and commitment to joining SisterSpace in creating and maintaining a safer, more supportive and inspirational space for all women and non binary AFAB folks. We require consideration of these values and agreements for participation in  all SisterSpace events including online groups and chats.  If a participant fails to follow our community agreements and values, the SisterSpace Planners and Board may take any action they deem appropriate, including warning the offender and possible  expulsion from SisterSpace without refund.

If you are being harassed, notice that someone else is being harassed, or have any other concerns, please contact a board member, camper services, or anyone with a walkie talkie.

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