Help Us Stay Strong…

Your donation will go a long way towards helping SisterSpace stay healthy for years to come. Can you help?

Last year’s festival was incredible with inspiring entertainment, and remarkably, for many attendees it was their first time at the SisterSpace Weekend Festival! This is a statistic that bodes incredibly well for our future. SisterSpace is also fortunate to boast a robust all-volunteer culture, attracting over 100 volunteers each year.

Despite these successes, our community has faced challenges this year, and like many women’s spaces, we are struggling to attract more campers and get back to attendance we enjoyed in years prior. We are excited about the opportunity of so many first-time attendees, and our vibrant network who came to the weekend ready to find solutions to the challenges SisterSpace faces, but we have one more urgent need that we’d like your help with.

We are asking each woman in the SisterSpace community to help keep us strong by making a contribution. You can feel free to make a donation yourself, or, we encourage you to reach out to your networks and let them know how much this space means to you and ask them to contribute what they can. Every little bit helps.

Donations are tax-deductible and can be made by clicking the big “Donate Now” button below. Or – if you participate in your employer’s United Way campaign, you can contribute by using our United Way of Southeastern PA agency code (10890).

We look forward to staying in touch about ways to get involved and ideas, improvements, and offerings for future festivals, and greatly appreciate your support.

Quite simply, SisterSpace needs you.


The SisterSpace Board and Planning Committee

How will your donation be used?

From its inception in the 1970s, SisterSpace’s primary focus has been to nurture and conserve lesbian-and-women-only space. Unfortunately, as the LGBT community becomes more frequently perceived as “mainstream,” it’s becoming more of a challenge to maintain our community’s awareness of the need to invest in and preserve this space.

As a 100% VOLUNTEER-run organization, SisterSpace takes pride in using your donations wisely! Every dollar you give goes directly into our efforts to create and sustain lesbian and women’s community – whether it’s to provide scholarships for disadvantaged women to attend the Weekend, create outreach programming for different communities (such as our ODYQ Intergenerational Forum), or invest directly into the infrastructure of the organization.

THANK YOU for helping!