SisterSpace Weekend Overview

What is The Weekend, Anyway?

The SisterSpace Weekend is an annual celebration of women’s community, music, and culture. From its beginnings in the 1970s as a feminist women’s self-defense weekend, the Weekend has evolved into a 3-day women/non binary assigned female at birth people (AFAB) – only camping weekend featuring music, workshops, parties, crafts, sports, and all sorts of opportunities for socializing, learning, and having fun! The Weekend is held every year on the weekend after Labor Day.

The agenda for each year’s Weekend is a constantly changing, constantly evolving organism—partly curated by SisterSpace, partly community-generated. We never know exactly what will happen until just before the Weekend starts! What we can tell you for sure is that there will be plenty of things for you to do, no matter what mood you’re in. Read on below for a summary of what you might expect, and be sure to join our mailing list or check us out on Facebook for up-to-date information.

Where is it?

The Weekend is held yearly at Ramblewood, a comfortable and private camp in Maryland—just a short hike away from the majestic Susquehanna River, and minutes from I-95. The camp boasts an Olympic-sized pool, and cabins with full bathroom facilities including flush toilets and hot showers. The beds in the cabins also have Tempurpedic mattresses! If you prefer to tent, there’s plenty of space—and you’ll still have access to the same hot showers and restroom amenities that the cabin dwellers do. All meals are included, from Friday lunch to Sunday brunch.


SisterSpace has night stages on both Friday and Saturday, and a day stage on both Saturday and Sunday. Weather permitting, all concerts are held under the stars at the camp’s outdoor Amphitheater. It’s a wonderful venue for enjoying live music!


Choose from dozens of collaboratively programmed, “community powered” sessions spanning a wide variety of diverse subjects. We encourage you to present a workshop, too! Click here for more info on workshops.

Parties, Dances and Special Events

Poolside dance parties. Tea dances. Keynote speakers. “Sip ‘n’Paint” art parties. Improvisational seminars. Featured film retrospectives. Late-night karaoke! Burlesque and drag shows. Community art galleries and performances. Drum circles. All of these things—and more—were on the agenda at recent SisterSpace Weekends. Who knows what surprises are in store for this year?

Sexuality Space

The Sexuality Space at SisterSpace is a safe space for any SisterSpace attendee over the age of 18 to explore, witness and participate as desired in consensual erotic play. Personal boundaries are accepted, encouraged and respected at all times. Kink not your thing? No worries. We’ll also feature workshops that focus on learning how to deepen intimacy. Read more about Sexuality Space.

Sweat Lodge

The Earth Mother Sweat Lodge is a place to come sit with your sisters and share this special time of connection with other women/nb AFAB folks.

Sports and Games

From water aerobics to pick-up basketball and softball to hikes down to the river, the Weekend offers plenty of opportunities to “get your sweat on.” Be sure to bring that softball mitt or favorite lawn game!

Arts & Crafts

Feeling creative? Artistic? Want to try? The Georgia O’Keefe Art Space is your place to paint, draw, do arts and crafts, sculpt, contribute to the group mural, explore and have fun. No talent necessary! Display your work on the walls, and be sure to take home what you made!

What else? So much more than we can list here! Join us to discover what the Weekend is all about. Register today!