Virginia Giordano Memorial Fund

Tribute to Virginia Giordano

by Ani DiFranco

It is hard to believe it’s been almost three years since the passing of our dear friend Virginia Giordano. She was not just a promoter but an artist, an activist, and an all-around amazing person full of surprises. She was a true Righteous Babe. As an independent artist, your success depends on all those people willing to take a chance on you and your art in the beginning and Virginia was one of those people for me. She was a fierce supporter of my work from the early days in New York and it was not just me. She promoted and propelled the work of many other female performers such as Sweet Honey in the Rock.

We spent only passing moments together over the decades as my tours brought me through New York City, but I always knew when I was pulling up to the venue that we would be taken care of, things would flow smoothly, and the house would be packed thanks to her hard work.
Her passion was infectious. She opened doors and made it possible for so many voices to be heard.  

Taken way too soon, Virginia lives on in our memories, in our hearts and, tonight, on this stage!  She would love this.

Thanks for everything, Virginia.  Sing on, SisterSpace.