SisterSpace 2015

2017 Weekend Shopping List

If you can help, contact us at Thank you!

Items we Need....
For performers:
Paper plates
Plastic cups med size
Bottled water
For performers' cabins
Bedsheets (twin)
Cotton blankets
New pillows
Bath sized towels
All cabins
Solar stake lights
Hand towels
Hand soap
Camp needs
AA batteries (radios)
3 lg 20x20 tarps
Tiki torches (we need four more)
Sweat Lodge needs
First aid kit
2-3 lg bags Unscented loose tobacco
1 lb Loose white Sage
20 Army or moving blankets
2-3 large unwaxed jute twine
5 lbs cornmeal
Trash bags/ outdoor kind
Large Orange Gatorade (6)
Art Shack supplies
12 paint canvases
8"x10" sketch pad/watercolor paper
Self adhesive flipchart paper
Assorted good quality watercolor paints
12 Paint brush kits
12 acrylic paint sets
Large quantity of acrylic body paint from arts and crafts store
2 Large boxes of salt
Body marbling paints
Fans (small desk size and bigger square ones)
4 deep plastic basins
Baking soda
Many paper towels
Construction paper
2 rolls masking tape
Rubber bands
2 boxes Ziploc gallon size freezer bags
2 boxes white wine
1 box of red wine
1 sparkling cider
Gift cards to Walmart, Target, Kmart, supermarkets, Bed Bath and Beyond, Michael's, A.C. Moore, Jo-Ann's Fabrics, Home Depot, Lowe's, Harbor Freight, BJ's, Sam's Club, Costco etc

Any help is appreciated!