Send-A-Sister Scholarship Fund

SisterSpace has always advocated making the Weekend festival as accessible to as many women/non binary assigned female at birth people as possible, including those facing financial challenges. We are happy to be able to offer the Linda Bacon-Bass Memorial Send-A-Sister Fund to help defray the expense associated with coming to the Weekend. The amount available varies from year to year, and is dependent upon contributions. We ask that you contribute as much as you are able so that we may offer this opportunity to as many people as possible.

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Applying for a Scholarship

The regular fees to attend the Weekend are based on a sliding scale, and if the base price is beyond your means, you may be eligible for this fund. We ask that only women/nb who are truly excluded from the sliding fee schedule price range apply. Please download the scholarship application (link below) and submit it no later than July 25. Decisions will be made within 3 weeks and you will be notified if we are able to accommodate your request. Payment will then be due in full within 14 days.

Please thoroughly read the application for additional details about applying for a scholarship.

Please note that we may not be able to provide assistance to all requests, and remember we are dependent on contributions for this fund. This fund is available to help defray the cost of registration only; you will need to arrange transportation to and from. Registration covers all costs for housing, meals, and entertainment.

The 2021 Linda Bacon-Bass Memorial Send-A-Sister Application will be available in Spring, 2021.

Contributing to the Fund

The Linda Bacon-Bass Memorial Send-A-Sister Fund's success is entirely contingent upon the generosity of the Sisterspace community. Your donations make it possible for women to attend the weekend who would otherwise be left out due to their financial circumstances. We all very much appreciate the kindness demonstrated by those who choose to give; so if you have the means, please consider making a contribution. You can contribute by filling out the amount on your registration form when you mail it in to SisterSpace, or you can click the button below to contribute via PayPal. (Note - you don't need a PayPal account to contribute via the PayPal interface. Credit cards are also accepted.) Thanks for your support!

Please contact if you have any additional questions.