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The 2021 SisterSpace Weekend is almost here! Don’t miss your chance to reach this receptive and vibrant audience for your business or service.

The SisterSpace weekend is the largest event of the year for SisterSpace of the Delaware Valley, a 40+ year old non-profit organization that provides women the opportunity to gather, network and build personal, leadership and organizational skills through participation in educational, cultural, athletic and social activities.

We generally have a range of women of all orientations, and financial levels. The average camper tends to fall within the 20 - 65 year old age range. The majority are middle class, with a good number of them being parents, whether of grown children or toddlers.

Please consider supporting this organization by becoming a Sponsor and/or advertising in the 2021 SisterSpace Weekend Program & Event Guide. Sponsorship of this event will not only give you access to all weekend attendees, but also exposure to the SisterSpace community all year long.

Sponsorship of SisterSpace can be done in several ways, whether through financial or in-kind contributions.

Sponsor An Area - and your donation will be targeted towards costs/needs of that specific area. Areas include the Stage, Kitchen, General Store, Medical, Sweat Lodge, Art Shack, Community Outreach, and general Production Costs.

Sponsor An Artist - and your donation will go towards the fees for specific performers or keynote speakers.

We have four tiers of Sponsors - Sage, Amazon, Doyenne, Regina.

As a Sage Sponsor ($300 - $500), your company will receive:

The Amazon Sponsorship ($500 - $1000) will include Sage benefits and add us thanking your company during announcements throughout the weekend, including from our four concert stages.

A Doyenne Sponsorship ($1000 - $5000) will include Sage and Amazon benefits as well as our displaying your company banner in our poolside community gathering area.

Our Regina Sponsorship ($5000+) entitles you to the Sage, Amazon, and Doyenne benefits plus two free tickets to the festival and the opportunity to send us informational material which we will then display on a table in our community information center.

Program Advertising

Program Advertising options include:

All will include premium banner placement for 12 months linking to your organization's website on every page of the website, including the homepage

Please submit the form below and send your camera-ready copy to Any questions can be directed to that email address, as well. Thanks for your support!

SisterSpace of the Delaware Valley Program Advertising Guidelines

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Full Page, cover (8 ½”x 11”) $250.00**
Full Page, inside (8 ½” x 11”) $175.00**
Half Page (7” x 4 ¾” or 3 ¾” x 9 ¾”) $110.00**
Quarter Page (3 ½” x 4 ¾”) $85.00*
Business Card – Horizontal (3 ½” x 2”) $60.00*