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What festival is complete without a shopping experience? If you are a vendor or craftswoman seeking a receptive, lesbian/queer-friendly audience for your goods, we encourage you to participate in the SisterSpace Weekend as a merchant.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What does it cost to be a merchant at SisterSpace Weekend?
We require a $150 fee/per person for each vendor and helper (3 maximum). This includes meals and sleeping accommodations for three days. This fee is non-negotiable. Vendors are expected to arrive by noon on Friday, Sept. 7 (that is when your booth opens) and stay until 3 pm Sunday, Sept. 7. Your booths must be staffed.

What's my Booth Size?
Your booth size is 10 x 10. Please be aware of that area—your tables, your chairs, your displays— you will not be able to set up beyond those boundaries. This applies to all participants, whether in the outdoor area or Vendor Village.

What sorts of things can't be sold at the Weekend?
Three main things—alcohol, tobacco, and food. Also, certain services (tattooing, for example) can't be accommodated. Please be sure to describe your product or service thoroughly on your application form so we can resolve any potential problems prior to your arrival.

To get in on the action, email with any questions. Thanks!