Asian American and Pacific Islander Support Statement

Within these past few months, violence, harassment, and discrimination of Asian American and Pacific Islanders has sharply risen; among them the death of an 84-year-old in late January, an 89-year-old Chinese woman slapped and set on fire in Brooklyn, plus the killings of 6 Asian-American women in Atlanta. Racial abuse of Asian-Americans has continued to rise nationwide following the 2020 COVID pandemic and the rising tensions of the time. History shows racial discrimination against Asian-Americans is not new, but rather has been part of the landscape since Asians arrived on the American shore around 1850.

A nation that values the ideal of a freedom for all people cannot condone the overt discrimination which currently runs wild in all parts of our nation. SisterSpace finds these events appalling.  These hate crimes go completely against everything we stand for both as an organization and as a nation. The recent spate of violence against Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders is categorically vile and unacceptable. Therefore, we at SisterSpace unanimously condemn these ignorant acts and take a clear stand against this, and every other act of racial prejudice against people of every race and color within and beyond the shores of our great nation.

In these trying times, there is a need to offer a voice to the voiceless and ensure that marginalized groups are allowed equal opportunities to thrive within whatever country they call home. SisterSpace supports efforts to stamp out every marker that attempts to divide us among racial lines.  Peaceful co-existence of all is an ideal we should strive for, whether as individuals or as organizations.  Inclusivity should be the goal we pursue.

As an organization, SisterSpace will always choose the path of peace. Over the years, we have made conscious choices for our organization and have included, valued, and as a result, benefited from the presence and leadership of women of color.  We pledge to keep prioritizing  working towards achieving the peaceful co-existence of all people irrespective of their color, language or culture. SisterSpace will always stand up for equality and equity and do our part to acknowledge, include, and celebrate our differences while striving to diminish division, ignorance, and hatred within our LGBTQ+ community and beyond.  

SisterSpace Board of Directors

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